Escorts models who like it rough

Escorts models who like it rough


Last time I posted, I told you a little bit about how I like being with women that don’t mind a bit of roughness in bed and I also told you how you can find escorts models that are into it. Today, I’m going to turn it up a notch, by writing a couple of short presentations about escorts that I found most pleasing in this area. Note that these aren’t necessarily the best escorts models available right now. But they are the best girls who are into the rough stuff and that I know of.

Roughing it with escorts models


The first girl on the list is also my special favourite. Her name is Fanny and she’s one of the most incredible escorts models I’ve ever seen. I have her as my favourite because, if you look at her, you would never imagine that she likes to make love in such a rough way. She’s very slender and very flexible, as she used to be a gymnast back in the Eastern European country she comes from.

She’s really good with her mouth and likes it when you grab her hair and go as deep as possible. I have honestly seen her climax when I did that with her. She’s an incredibly sexual being and she’s as beautiful as she is crazy in the sack. A wholehearted recommendation.


The other girl I wanted to tell you guys about is called Annais. She’s available at the same agency as Fanny and she’s really incredible when it comes to the rough stuff. When I first booked her and told her what I was into, she told me she’d love it if we could do all those things together, but only if would be in her bum at the time and if I would pump as hard as I can. She is really into the back door stuff and, if you stimulate her properly, she could finish 4-5 times before you get close to climaxing. And all that through one of the best bums in the industry!

If you’d like to have some fun with escorts models that really like it rough, I recommend trying out one of these two girls. I’ve booked them both multiple times and they never let me down. I’m positive that they’ll do the same for you.

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